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Tuition Services

I offer tuition in the following areas: 


GCSE English Language/Literature

A-Level English Language/Literature

Undergraduate English Literature

Essay/Dissertation Writing




Reach me at


Knowledgeable. Passionate. Professional. Personal.

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the English Literature department of Durham University and an experienced personal tutor.

I hold an M.A. with distinction from Durham University and  a first class undergraduate degree in English. I am available for professional and flexible tutoring in the Liverpool and Sefton area. My skills are best suited to tutoring GCSE English Language and Literature, A-Level English Language and Literature, and Undergraduate English Literature.


I have over 250 hours of tutoring experience. My sessions are tailored to the student and their examination body, utilising past papers to inform original exercises. It is my aim not just to improve the academic ability of my students but to inspire them to enjoy literature and language more fully.


The content of my lessons is flexible and I will liaise with you to ensure that we focus on the areas you feel are important.


In short, I love literature and I instill every session with enthusiasm.


Paul tutored my son in English Language and literature for the last few months of his GCSEs. He obtained much better grades than predicted with a 7 in language and 8 in literature thanks to Paul's teaching. My son enjoyed his lessons with Paul and I would recommend as a tutor.


– Martine

Paul has tutored my daughter for 3 sessions and we have both been impressed with his delivery and content of these sessions. He has helped her to look at the literature in a different way and to look at what isn’t being said. He is knowledgeable and continuously checks her level of understanding of the topic.​

- Angela

I honestly cannot praise Paul enough for the last few months of lessons. I learnt more in an hour with Paul than five hours a week in college, everything was thoroughly planned out and tailored to what I wanted to do, he always came prepared with handouts and past exam papers for us to go through. He was always punctual and consistent with the high standard of his lessons. I genuinely considered him to be my main teacher during this time and it is because of him that I feel so well prepared for my upcoming exam. 

His enthusiasm for his subject is contagious and you can clearly see that he loves what he does from the way that he talks about literature and I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons as a result! I cannot recommend Paul enough, he is an amazing tutor!


– Erin

Originally posted on Tutorful.

Paul tutored me throughout the full two years of my English language A-level. The lessons in school I found to be too fast paced and I struggled to understand content which meant I lost motivation and consequently my grades were low. The two hours a week I had with Paul completely changed my view on English, and by the end of the two years I actually began to love it, which of course meant my grades improved tremendously from an E to a B.


Paul’s tutoring sessions are very tailored and I felt completely at ease and engaged the whole time. The more advanced skills also incorporated into the sessions were ones we didn’t learn in school but I have even carried through to my degree. I couldn’t recommend Paul more.

- Lydia

I'm based in Crosby, Liverpool.



Usually, I teach my students at their home address and I'm willing to travel any resonable distance.



Alternatively, I've found that public libraries and cafés are also conducive to productive, focused lessons.  








Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literary Studies

English Literature with Creative Writing with International Experience

English Language

English Literature


Music Technology

     Over 120 hours of tutoring experience.









Durham University

Bangor University


Chesterfield Sixth Form


Book a Lesson

To book a lesson or ask-me-anything, please fill out this form.


In order that I might best tailor our sessions, please include a brief overview of what you would like to get out of tuition. This could include an area that you find more challenging or any information regarding upcoming assessments.


Please don't forget to tell me your availability.


Thanks for reaching out.​​


Paul Cockburn, MA (Dunelm)

Alternatively, you can find me on Tutorful and book a lesson that way.  

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